Women’s Noagin, designed for a woman’s more sensitive and demanding physiology, contains Zeaxanthin along with Astaxanthin and Lutein. Zeaxanthin is known amongst neurologists as the most effective substance in repairing and protecting your optic nerves and brain matter. Noagin is for women who want to halt aging at the cellular level. It is for women who have poor eyesight, want to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, have Alzheimer’s, have Parkinson’s Disease, and drug use and/or addiction issues.

Cellular aging starts at the mitochondria. Your eyes, brain, liver, endocrine system, and skin, are the first areas to present oxidation’s damaging effects. These effects are commonly described as aging. Aging in the simplest terms is the deterioration of your vital organs and skin due to DNA replication failure. Scientists attribute that the failure of your cells to produce a perfect copy is due to free radical mutation. The harmful effects of oxidation are slowed down and even prevented with super antioxidants.